10 telltale signs your boyfriend loves fishing more than you…

A River (Will Always) Run Through It and any girl dating a Montana raised guy best grab a copy of the 1976 fly-fishing novella by Norman Maclean, because the first thing on your man’s mind will always be “Trout, trout, trout, trout, trout… Trout.”

1. He has more photos of fish on his phone than of you.


2. He owns more Costa sunglasses than you do shoes. 


3. He spends more time picking out flies for the weekend than your birthday present.Dry Flies

4. His favorite cologne is a nice mix of river water, beer and cigars.Cheers

5. Your Sunday brunch plans get canceled as soon as the Skwala hatch happens… for the next six months. 

6. Date night includes you and seven of his closest fishing buddies. 


7. His ideal vacation is a weekend long bender in Craig, Montana… with his buddy Craig. 


8. He refuses to take you to his favorite hole. 


9. He is more turned on by a new rod than new lingerie. 

Fish Porn

                                                                               “It’s fish porn at its finest.”

10. He refuses to take you on his boat until the “right” time, and that’s when you know he thinks you’re a keeper. 


Special thanks to Big Sky Trouting for the witty inspiration and breathtaking photography.